Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound Services in New York Metro Area

We Help Internal medicine and Family practice Physicians start an Ultrasound department in their private offices.

Services we provide: Echocardiograms (Sono of the heart), Carotid, TCD (Transcranial Doppler). Arterial and Venous Doppler’s, (R/O plaque “PVD” and blood clots DVT” and stroke screenings) Abdominal and renal Sono’s (Liver functions, gall bladder disease, pancreas and Kidney disorders and AAA “aortic Aneurysms screenings). Thyroid, male and female Pelvic (prostate, uterus, bladder and Ovaries)

We Do the billing for all exams. We accept most insurances as payment in full, and we have discounted prices for patients W/O insurance. We provide Reports, read by Cardiologist and Radiologist. We provide Top notch friendly Technicians, with State of the art Ultrasound Equipment.

Most Doctors send their patients to out patient facilities, like Hospitals, Radiology and Cardiology centers. Instead of sending these patients out, they can schedule them for an “in house” office visit to have these exams.

Deal point: Better Patient retention. Most of the time it’s more convenient for the patients to come to the office. It’s a more familiar, friendly environment. We provide Reports read by Board Certified Cardiologist/Radiologist between 1-3 Business days. The Doctor receives Rental income for unused office space. (Call for more info)

1) Better patient retention.

2) Reports in 1-3 business days

3) No Expense for Doctors to expand their services

4) Extra office Revenue

5) Work with a Fully accredited Quality Ultrasound company that have been in business for a collective of 25 Years. (References are available upon request).